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Saturday, March 31, 2012


We have all been indoctrinated, taken away from our families five days a week from the age of five and sometimes earlier until we are eighteen, and this is just preparation for our undergraduate and finally graduate degrees. In that indoctrination we are sold the lies of the Power Elite, not in the curriculum which can actually be quite educational, but in how to act and think.

We are taught that it is necessary to be separated from our food supply, that it's not humanly possible for every single human being to grow their own food and that we wouldn't really want to anyway. Then we are freed up to do other things with our lives other than the labourious toil of growing food. It's part of evolution, and it's natural. We are also taught that though is is terribly unfair it is also natural for some of the world's population to be starving, and we make a really great show of trying to do something about it, like we haven't done enough already.

It is from this context that scientists have been guided to be our moral teachers. The clergy smock has been traded for the scientific lab coat. Personally I prefer to get my guidance from the source: within. But those days will be coming to an end if the Power Elite have their way and the reasonableness of science backed by government military might prevails. Then we will do what we have all logically and reasonably been told, or we will be punished.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seeds of Freedom

In Canada we have to get permission to go fishing or to build a house, and you might think this was normal if you were a monkey in a cage who knew nothing about freedom. However, I have come to understand something about freedom. In fact I am freedom, and therefore it appears the rules do not apply to me. The world will conform to free Men, not the other way around.

It is absurd that an apparently free individual is governed under virtually the same law as a corporate institution. Sure a company capable of entirely depleting the oceans of fish or similarly a company consistently building structurally unsound buildings for profit ought to be governed, but saying an individual who wants to fish or build for himself must get permission is unjust. Individuals fishing with rods so there bellies are constantly filled would still never deplete the oceans of all their fish, even if everyone was doing it. Therefore treating individuals to the same rules as businesses is unreasonable.

All this being said I have come to recognise the rightness of everything. It may seem most of my posts are dwelling on the negative, but there is nothing wrong in this world. Everything is exactly as it should be. That I would shine a light on it is only to illuminate my own and other's souls. We have already passed through the darkness, and there is nothing to fear.

The point of this post is that a seed will yield a return of ten thousand percent on itself. No investment of any other kind will produce this kind of return. There is no sound reason in the face of this information to deal with the bankers' piddley little dollars. Call it what you will: this is only quality information.