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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves remove nutritional content from food. When people eat food with low nutritional content their bodies tell them they need to eat more. They become obese wondering why their bodies are still craving food.

Ninety-seven percent of Broccoli's antioxidants are removed by microwaves. Same goes for cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. So much emphasis has been ostensibly put on the radiation factor of microwaves that we've masked the real issue of nutrition removal.

Like so much else in life this is not by coincidence. Information about the positive health benefits of eating raw, living food is marred by technological advancement. Many of these studies date back to the seventies but hardly reach the mainstream even forty years later.


  1. Agreed!! Steaming is good for some vegies too ...brings out more nutrients (on some only)


    Much Love


  3. Much like every post on this blog this is only a small piece of a larger puzzle. One of the arguments at Snopes is that any number of factors could have contributed to the dying plant, not just microwaves. And I concur. There are many factors to everything in life. However, one out of two people today will be diagnosed with cancer while microwaves are removing ninety-seven percent of the antioxidants that help prevent those cancers.

    Empirical evidence can be found to support almost any position, but I see no benefit to promoting evidence that is supporting harmful conclusions. If people still want to provide evidence supporting microwaves, that's fine - crazy but fine. But that evidence will be refuted by healthier evidence at this blog.

  4. The mere heating action drives the air out of the water, and plant roots need oxygen, the more the merrier. You can add hydrogen peroxide (H2O3) to the water and roots _LOVE_ that. Bugs do not. And, of course, if you're pouring hot water into your potted plant, that will surely kill the roots, but I don't think anyone here is that dumb. Keep stale tap water in a big cranberry juice jug (without the cap to let the chlorine evaporate) and shake it up (aerate it) before you water the plants. Works awesome. But I'm not too fond of houseplants. I like them outside where they belong. And thrive. Unless the landscapers are butchers.

    I have a nuker, and almost never use it. My wife squawks and says she can feel it in her head. I can too. But I get balloon-screechies in my head right before someone's cellphone is going to ring nearby too.