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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Government Concern

Q: Why is the government of Canada so concerned with my child's education?

A: Illiterate, non-indoctrinated slaves are not very useful.

The Canadian government demands I send my child to school, but they under fund the education system and under pay the teachers. This makes no sense unless we open to the broader, underlying reality. Our education system is designed to keep us focused on an understandable and narrow version reality. And once we have become fully indoctrinated we demand that narrow version of reality, calling the broader reality hocus pocus.

The fact is there are divine mysteries that cannot be grasped by mere human reasoning, and it is possible to open ourselves to this greater reality which is in the heart of every man, woman and child. Then we can get back to the land God has given us and get back to the business of co-creating interdependently within communities.

Unfortunately, most people are so indoctrinated they don't even want to be connected to the land or their food or other people for that matter. There are more important things for them. They need to sell their labour to pay for further indoctrination in the hopes of getting a good job furthering this system. Then they can buy a house for themselves and their individual families while others starve out in the cold.

It is sad for them that other people have to starve outside, but it's the best they can do within the system. They have no time for utopian hocus pocus or romanticising the past, but they can buy "certified organic" food from the Mega Mart and believe it is all right and just. There are young, inventive people who they understand are working feverishly to remedy our worldly problems for us.

This is all designed by a centralised global power elite to have us living in a world of scarcity engineered for our servitude. It is not by coincidence we have been moved off the land, corralled and herded into cities. We must wake up! We could collectively live in the abundant world naturally provided for us, but it takes faith, courage and compassion, combined with humility and perseverance to exist in community with our extended family living together in the broader reality of co-creation with God.

The power elite count on us not tapping into these inner qualities. They count on us compliantly taking what they serve us. They may even believe what they are doing is right, but I suggest they are not right and have counted wrong.

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  1. Everything belongs to God.

    You can borrow it, and use it, but put it back in better condition than you got it. And don't fuck it up just because you feel like it or are too lazy/stupid/drunk/whatever to do the right thing.