Audio Spectral Travel

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Audio Spectral Travel or Letters to Willie Nelson

I've recently made a meditation/contemplation album. It's 55 minutes (12 tracks) of music created to facilitate the expansion of the listener’s consciousness beyond the limits of this vibrational spectrum of reality, or it might just help you relax.

You can download it for free or by donation here: Feel free to copy, buy, sell, trade, remix or whatever. It is music created for music's sake.


  1. Heh heh. No one ever comments on obscure blogs, and I just happen to be bored on a Sunday afternoon, so here goes:

    Nice work on the album, thank you.

    Um... you spelt 'fascilitate' (sic) wrong on the poster, but correctly in the blog. I'm the spelling Nazi, and I'm calling you on it :) I'm also a budding grammar Nazi, and I think 'Everyday' (1 word) should be 'Every day' (2 words) or 'Every single day' (more concise).

    Good Lord! Is that actually a picture of you? With the huge scruffy biker beard? Hilarious! Even Nevets can finally grow a decent beard these days.

    "Everyday, do something you believe to be impossible..."

    Does that include staying out of trouble? ;)

    Maybe I'll write a letter to Tom Waits and invite him to my birthday party. I'd love to meet his family.

    1. Mr Dooligan~

      Glad you are enjoying the album, and thanks for the spelling heads-up. The problem has now been rectified, though the grammar will stand as is.

      Yes, I am the biker.

      Yes, stay out of trouble.

      Yes, write to Mr Waits.