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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day of Judgement 21 May 2011

"Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment," he said. [Harold Camping]

The doctrine known as the Rapture teaches that believers will be taken up to heaven, while everyone else will remain on earth for a period of torment, concluding with the end of time. Camping believes that will happen in October.

Harold Camping is a wing-nut. Not even Jesus Christ himself knows when the rapture will be. Only God knows.

What does this Rapture mean then?

To me this means on 21 May those who believe will be in heaven, and those who don't won't. We will both exist in the same physical world, and nothing will appear to have changed, but all will have changed. I believe by October we will have reached the tipping point, a critical mass, where there are enough souls who believe and have faith to co-create Heaven on earth together.

We will of course have to pass through what some might call Hell. Simultaneously, while some are experiencing the grace of God, others will be experiencing the most hellish nightmare. It all comes down to a simple shift in consciousness.

 Edit 28 April 2012:

So here we are. It has happened. Many folks are oblivious, but it's okay. Enough souls have moved through, and here we are. We have passed the tipping point and are now co-creating Heaven on Earth.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Osama bin Laden has ostensibly been killed. It is a time of sadness and sorrow, not a time to celebrate. When someone like that is killed, much like Hitler, we ought to bow our heads and remember that murder and terrorism are wrong. It is contestable whether bin Laden's murder was necessary, but it is not something to celebrate. Murder ought never be celebrated.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


While voting doesn't necessarily change things directly (although it can), it does change things internally. I voted NDP for Libby Davies because most of the people I know voted for her. These people all know my views about communism and anarchism, and that still didn't change their views, if you can believe that. So, if I'm going to say I am a communist anarchist, then the right thing for me to do is, in my own enlightened self-interest, vote with the conscience of my community.

The only way revolution is going to happen is for it to be happening simultaneously inside each of our individual selves. This vote was a revolutionary step for me, in the moment. Revolution can not be legislated from any outside authority, and while it must happen internally, it must also reach social proportions.

I believe this all speaks to the coincidence that, while a revolution was going on inside me, the NDP has become the new opposition for the government of Canada. You know I don't believe in coincidence, or if I do, coincidence is simply God's way of staying anonymous. There is absolute synchronicity in my life: revolutions is going on inside me and in the world, simultaneously. It is a very exciting time!