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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


While voting doesn't necessarily change things directly (although it can), it does change things internally. I voted NDP for Libby Davies because most of the people I know voted for her. These people all know my views about communism and anarchism, and that still didn't change their views, if you can believe that. So, if I'm going to say I am a communist anarchist, then the right thing for me to do is, in my own enlightened self-interest, vote with the conscience of my community.

The only way revolution is going to happen is for it to be happening simultaneously inside each of our individual selves. This vote was a revolutionary step for me, in the moment. Revolution can not be legislated from any outside authority, and while it must happen internally, it must also reach social proportions.

I believe this all speaks to the coincidence that, while a revolution was going on inside me, the NDP has become the new opposition for the government of Canada. You know I don't believe in coincidence, or if I do, coincidence is simply God's way of staying anonymous. There is absolute synchronicity in my life: revolutions is going on inside me and in the world, simultaneously. It is a very exciting time!

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