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This Blog is the writing of a fictional character called Jimmy the Bitch. He picks up on conspiracies and new-age ideas no matter how outside the bounds of regular reality they seem, then forms opinions and writes about them. With so much information being pushed on us and so much needing to be uncovered, this is a way for me, Jamie Dale, to collect my thoughts. It in no way represents the entirety of who I actually am.

Personally I feel I am here to heal and to bring healing to this tired and broken world, and I believe this passion has been placed in me for divine purpose. So it is with great joy that I rant and preach the holy word through this gruff and boisterous character. We are all One.

The main purpose of Jimmy's bitching is to help illuminate that which has been daily enslaving the beings of this planet, not to blame but to come to an understanding of our own inner darkness. Again we are all One. So we need to acknowledge all aspects of not just ourselves but also each other.

There are some who view Jimmy's tirades as negative. First of all, he would say, "Fuck You!" But I would say, by illuminating that which is in darkness we move towards wholeness. And perhaps those who are attempting to live only in the positive are causing as much imbalanced as those who live purely in the negative, when the reality is we all contain both. We are supposed to be full and complete human beings in a real world, not merely angels in ethereal realms.

I cannot live in a fantasy fairytale. I am angry, depressed, enlightened, terrified and overjoyed, among other things and sometimes but not always all at the same time. And honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. If I'm going to get to a place of true heavenly enlightenment, I'm going to do it honestly. I'm not going to pretend to be an angel I'm not.

Jimmy the Bitch's Utopia is a place for me to do this. Essentially the purpose of this Blog is to provide a space for Jimmy the Bitch to bitch. 

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