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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Globalist Control

I would like to be clear. This is a message to the globalist elite, but it is also a note to self.

Tyrants have no authority over those who are awakened, only those who are still asleep. So it is not really authority at all, just an irrelevant attempt at control. Furthermore, there can be no awakening in this type control.

If you find yourself attempting to control something outside of you, then you are unconscious, as I may be even now. But, if I am unconscious, I might as well admit it. There is no point in pretending. The only way out is through. So here we go. Awaken!

Globalist fools, you may believe in your hearts you are doing the right things, as if you can actually control something on this planet. You may think, by sterilising and vaccinating everything and diminishing the population and controlling everything, you can create a utopia here on Earth. Fools! The only lasting change is internal. Whereas, external change is fleeting at best.

Only Mother Nature and God are in control of this planet. However, you may actually believe you are carrying out God's will for the world. Fools! If it involves control or manipulation, it has nothing to do with God. Even with the best of intentions, control is still damnation. Even if it comes from the church, control is still the dominion of the Devil.

Yet you are still loved. There is nothing anyone can do to render themselves unworthy of God's love. As his creation, his love for us is absolute, just as my love for my own children is absolute. Worthiness is built in, not something to be earned or taken away.

So, go ahead globalist fools, rule away. I choose freedom! The Devil's reign is over.

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