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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Globalist Control

I would like to be clear. This is a message to the globalist elite, but it is also a note to self.

Tyrants have no authority over those who are awakened, only those who are still asleep. So it is not really authority at all, just an irrelevant attempt at control. Furthermore, there can be no awakening in this type control.

If you find yourself attempting to control something outside of you, then you are unconscious, as I may be even now. But, if I am unconscious, I might as well admit it. There is no point in pretending. The only way out is through. So here we go. Awaken!

Globalist fools, you may believe in your hearts you are doing the right things, as if you can actually control something on this planet. You may think, by sterilising and vaccinating everything and diminishing the population and controlling everything, you can create a utopia here on Earth. Fools! The only lasting change is internal. Whereas, external change is fleeting at best.

Only Mother Nature and God are in control of this planet. However, you may actually believe you are carrying out God's will for the world. Fools! If it involves control or manipulation, it has nothing to do with God. Even with the best of intentions, control is still damnation. Even if it comes from the church, control is still the dominion of the Devil.

Yet you are still loved. There is nothing anyone can do to render themselves unworthy of God's love. As his creation, his love for us is absolute, just as my love for my own children is absolute. Worthiness is built in, not something to be earned or taken away.

So, go ahead globalist fools, rule away. I choose freedom! The Devil's reign is over.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Manufactured Peace is War

Any attempt to artificially manufacture peace through laws, even with the kindest of intent, will still lead to war. If you really want peace, then face yourself and all the horror you have inflicted on yourself and others. Then, everything within you that struggles and fights will simply burn away in the purifying fire of repentance - in pure presence.

If you are unwilling to do this, then all talk of peace is mere lip service. And it doesn't really matter anyway. None but those who have burned entirely in the purifying fire of repentance shall be able to cross into the real New World Order. No fear is coming. No manipulation. No control. Only Love - pure, absolute and unconditional Love.

Those who have burned in the fire can see through the puerile facade of any external manipulation and have no need to fight against it, nor control any part of it. Quite literally, it does not exist. There is only following the radiant glow in the centre of the solar plexus, allowing more of that which is not in our highest good to simply burn away. We are one with the glow and cannot be separated from it. The fires of passion, creativity and inspiration can no longer be quelled by the mundane entertainment of an escapist mentality. The servitude, to that which is not our own, is over.

True peace is upon us, and it cannot be controlled nor manufactured - only loved. We are all together now. Bind yourself to that which you love, and love that to which you are bound. Not all of us will have the courage to let go of our old ways, but all are loved nonetheless. We are all together now, with passion and inspiration, in gratitude, humility and grace.

Peace and Love to All.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Everything in existence was brought forth by imagination. Nothing is impervious to the will of the imagination. The questions are, what can you imagine and what can you not imagine?

Recently, our youngest son woke in the middle of the night, screaming. He would not be consoled nor did he appear in physical pain. Yet, he writhed on the bed, screaming.

It occurred to me he was being possessed by demons. So I began to visualise a pure white light filling and engulfing the room. I could see the house transform from wood to crystal. I continued to cast out all that was not absolutely in alignment with our family's highest good and to cast out all that was not aligned with perfect love.

To my consternation, I found I could not cast out all darkness. The will of something was not leaving our house. To myself I said, wait a minute, this is my imagination, and I can imagine pure white loving light if I want to. So I added more of my will to the process.

The darkness began to leave, but still there was a hook, like a talon, keeping it tethered to our house and to my son. In that moment it occurred to me, I am not solely in control of my imagination. So I mustered what ever will was left in me to cast out this darkness, and finally it left. Simultaneously, our son ceased wailing and fell asleep on his mother.

In the end, I realised the power of the imagination is absolute, but it takes time and effort to have our imagination as our own. From the day we are born we are inundated with information that is not our own, from our parents, from teachers, the media, peers and a multitude of other sources. And these are only sources from with our physical reality.

Verily, it takes the ultimate act of surrender to get to our true selves and our own imagination. We must surrender all that is not us, and that is a lot if we've made in past the age of twelve. However, once we do, we must be careful. The world becomes our playground. We must find good teachers, and we must seek God. For, without guidance, we have no direction home.

Imagine that!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Humans Are Fourth Dimensional Beings

We are all aware of the three dimensions of space within time, but there is another dimension to our humanity, a fourth dimension if you will. There is an inner reality, and this internal reality is actually another dimension of existence, separate from space and time. It is the dimension where we experience passion and inspiration, intuition and creativity among other things -- none of which are physical.

Furthermore, this internal reality is our primary reality, and the external reality is secondary. All material things, from shovels to rocket ships or pencils to computers, which have been created externally, were first the construct of some human psyche. They were all a manifestation from the internal to the external, from the fourth dimension to the third.

Many, if not most, people see the external reality as primary, calling the physical world the real world. However, from a more enlightened perspective, that obviously cannot be true. It's not that the physical world does not exist. Clearly, it does. Rather, it is simply a secondary manifestation of our primary reality, our internal reality.

The problem with seeing the physical world as primary is, we become caught in an endless feedback loop of the external creation and begin denying the primacy of our own consciousness. We come to believe in the imagination as the illusion and the illusion as reality. Seeing the external reality as primary we create more of what we see. Essentially, we become duped into creating realities that are not our own because most of what we see has been created for profit and control and not for life-affirming growth and connectedness.

The negative implications of this are obvious and far reaching. However, no matter the problem, once we connect with this internal fourth dimension (and perhaps beyond), then the secondary reality no longer has any authority over us. We cannot be controlled by television or the Internet or governments or any other external force.

This means of course actually facing ourselves and, perhaps more importantly, facing what we have allowed ourselves to become. However, once we do, we will then see the emergence of the New Earth right before our very eyes.

See you there!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The New Prince ~ Video

The prince can sleep with lions and sheep
Like an armored knight at a pauper's feast
Gotta shake him off of me
Gotta kill the filthy beast

But who is weak while attacking sheep
And can we solve riddle
Is it me lying I am free
While I play a golden fiddle?

Who is the new prince now?
Can you find him in yourself?
Have you figured it out?
Can you tell me what it's all about?

The prince has pride and fears abound
Winners, losers all around
Build a fence, paint the town
Push it in and hold it down

Treasure, treasure, pleasure, pain
Human beings are all the same
Drive a car, play a game
Corporate empires are insane

Music and words by Jamie Dale
Images borrowed from Michael Tsarion

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Guest Writer:  Trevor P

In the moment transcendence occurs, one must not want—one must have transcended, letting go of systems and letting go to the process, content to simply be. When one is at peace and accepts what is, one can close one’s eyes, opening the eyes of the spirit, traveling through entire universes, seeing and hearing what source sees and hears, feeling what source feels.

When one has transcended and sees, hears and feels what source does (All Things), one is aware of the processing systems of self and others—the dance of life. One experiences the imagination of others and their beauty. One also becomes aware that Source weeps with us for our not knowing and smiles with us as we come to know.