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Friday, July 24, 2015

Humans Are Fourth Dimensional Beings

We are all aware of the three dimensions of space within time, but there is another dimension to our humanity, a fourth dimension if you will. There is an inner reality, and this internal reality is actually another dimension of existence, separate from space and time. It is the dimension where we experience passion and inspiration, intuition and creativity among other things -- none of which are physical.

Furthermore, this internal reality is our primary reality, and the external reality is secondary. All material things, from shovels to rocket ships or pencils to computers, which have been created externally, were first the construct of some human psyche. They were all a manifestation from the internal to the external, from the fourth dimension to the third.

Many, if not most, people see the external reality as primary, calling the physical world the real world. However, from a more enlightened perspective, that obviously cannot be true. It's not that the physical world does not exist. Clearly, it does. Rather, it is simply a secondary manifestation of our primary reality, our internal reality.

The problem with seeing the physical world as primary is, we become caught in an endless feedback loop of the external creation and begin denying the primacy of our own consciousness. We come to believe in the imagination as the illusion and the illusion as reality. Seeing the external reality as primary we create more of what we see. Essentially, we become duped into creating realities that are not our own because most of what we see has been created for profit and control and not for life-affirming growth and connectedness.

The negative implications of this are obvious and far reaching. However, no matter the problem, once we connect with this internal fourth dimension (and perhaps beyond), then the secondary reality no longer has any authority over us. We cannot be controlled by television or the Internet or governments or any other external force.

This means of course actually facing ourselves and, perhaps more importantly, facing what we have allowed ourselves to become. However, once we do, we will then see the emergence of the New Earth right before our very eyes.

See you there!

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  1. This is absolutely right on! Good stuff. Just one thing: I believe the fourth dimension is the next dimension our spiritual selves move on to after "death".