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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Manufactured Peace is War

Any attempt to artificially manufacture peace through laws, even with the kindest of intent, will still lead to war. If you really want peace, then face yourself and all the horror you have inflicted on yourself and others. Then, everything within you that struggles and fights will simply burn away in the purifying fire of repentance - in pure presence.

If you are unwilling to do this, then all talk of peace is mere lip service. And it doesn't really matter anyway. None but those who have burned entirely in the purifying fire of repentance shall be able to cross into the real New World Order. No fear is coming. No manipulation. No control. Only Love - pure, absolute and unconditional Love.

Those who have burned in the fire can see through the puerile facade of any external manipulation and have no need to fight against it, nor control any part of it. Quite literally, it does not exist. There is only following the radiant glow in the centre of the solar plexus, allowing more of that which is not in our highest good to simply burn away. We are one with the glow and cannot be separated from it. The fires of passion, creativity and inspiration can no longer be quelled by the mundane entertainment of an escapist mentality. The servitude, to that which is not our own, is over.

True peace is upon us, and it cannot be controlled nor manufactured - only loved. We are all together now. Bind yourself to that which you love, and love that to which you are bound. Not all of us will have the courage to let go of our old ways, but all are loved nonetheless. We are all together now, with passion and inspiration, in gratitude, humility and grace.

Peace and Love to All.

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