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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Powell Street Angel

I was walking down Powell Street with my son Jackson, when an elderly gentleman passing by said, "I see you got an angel."

"Yes I do," I said, "an angel."

"An angel of God," He says.

"That's right," I reply.

He tells me, "I see God in your eyes."

"Thank you," is all that is left to say.

What is this exchange worth? In the capitalist society I currently live in it is worth nothing, zero, zilch, chalked up to the ramblings of an old coot. But in Jimmy the Bitch's utopia this exchange is priceless. My heart becomes filled. I then pass on what was freely given to me, and the more I give the more my heart overflows, as I'm sure the old man's heart was overflowing when he gave it to me. It is a gift that is ever growing and expanding but is still worthless to capitalists. Yet capitalism continues to flourish, consuming all, ever depleting everything, mostly our souls. Why?

Ideological hegemony. Those who control the means of production also control the media, and through it they have manipulated the masses into believing that our resources and the means of making products out of them should be controlled by the few who struggle to the top and are smart enough to be able to handle this control and that of course the masses cannot handle this toilsome burden. We believe life is scarcity and turmoil because that is what we've been sold, but it's not true. We live in abundance.

With all the earnestness at my command I beg of you let go of everything you think you know. Put your prejudices on the shelf, and allow the grace of abundance to enter you. This life is not about everyone for themselves. We were designed to share and commune with each other.

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