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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Education or Freedom

The uneducated accept their slavery. And now in Canada we think we are free because we have access to education, but we are not educated. We have been indoctrinated into a belief system of reasonableness and political correctness that is not only enslaving us but is having us demand our slavery.

It has recently been brought to my attention that the words develop and envelope come from the same root, velop, which means veil. So to en-velop is to make veiled, and to de-velop is to remove the veil. Hence to conceal a letter we put it in an envelope.

We need to allow our children to develop, but instead they are enveloped in systems of indoctrination. We badger them with education and religion or non-religion. If we simply let children play and explore, they naturally and inquisitively become greatly intelligent. Certainly we need to keep children from harming themselves or others, but in this way it is easy to see it is not so much education that breeds freedom but simply lack of suppression.

It is not for lack of great minds that there are so few geniuses. It is that so few children are able to escape the clutches of our indoctrination to allow their minds to flourish to their full potential. If we were to allow children the full expression of who they are, we would have many geniuses. And we would find ourselves living in a more abundant and free world.

And make no mistake, this indoctrination system has not happened naturally or by coincidence. It has been specifically designed and manufactured to be this way, to enslave the mass of the population to toil for the few. And those few are psychopathic puppets, manipulated by forces outside this third dimensional reality.

Until we wake up to this greater reality we will continue to waste our lives attempting to fix the symptoms. Economists and politicians cannot create change. They are afraid to face themselves, and so they continue to be enslaved by the world.

Only internally can we recognise our freedom and then extend that freedom to our children.

Inspired by OSHO.

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