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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Awakening to Creating

I'm awakening to the reality that I am creating all of this, which could seem very egotistical, but I'm not talking about my personality. I'm talking about a place inside and everywhere around me that is also inside every man, woman and child.

Many spiritual teachers have spoken this truth. At the level of awakening, everything in this life is being drawn to me, for me, by me. Every thought I have is unerringly in every moment creating my physical reality, a reality that is much more than just the five senses, and by staying in the moment and observing my thoughts, feelings and actions the awakening continues.

School was probably the biggest hindrance to this awakening because while no one would assert the standard model of reality as truth it was certainly put forward to me as such. The teachers themselves certainly did not do this intentionally, but the system has been designed to propagate information this way: the structure of the schools, not exactly their curriculum. As Marshal Macluhan so aptly said, "The medium is the message." It's not the content; it's the structure. This goes for not only school and the media but also government and the like. They are all designed to make it appear as though they know the truth without actually making that claim.

The problem for me now is that knowing this doesn't help me stay awakened. The medium is so prevalent and unavoidable it catches me unawares. It draws me in and lulls me into a hypnotic trance. It begins to dictate my actions, not necessarily my specific actions but general actions that are in line with the system, and we all need to break free. My main function now seems to be helping others to awaken from this trance. This in turn helps me stay present and awake.

Make no mistake, our consciousness is creating this reality, and our consciousness has been hijacked by these systems. Sure they make for interesting and continual work, but that's the point. We've been blinded from the fact that as consciousness we are the creators. We are here to create, not to manipulate the creation and certainly not to be manipulated by it.

We will end war, disease and famine by recognising the truth inherent within these systems and ending the creation of them. It is futile to attempt to manipulate these issues from within creation itself, except that there's a lot of money to be made this way. This is the prison.

Prayer and meditation, connecting with the land and my food supply and connecting with my family and community are my freedom. In this way I receive guidance that is not system fed, and I begin to manifest my conscious world instead of the system's.

It's time to wake up. We are doing this. We are co-creating with God. There is nothing to change out there. That is the big scam: we're being sold the idea there is something to change out there in the world, and we're buying it.

There is truth, but it will not be found outside. There is great information out there, but it is only inside the tiny space of my heart where can truth be known.

We are manifesting this reality from inside, but it's hard to manifest a world of peace and love and unity when inside we are filled with the anger and fear and separateness pushed upon us by an apparently hell-bent media force. We need to release the illusion and tyranny of fear-based media and government and take control of our lives. We need to surrender to God our creator and our own hearts instead of the ego-maniacal mind manipulators.

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  1. "To change society, you must break away from it. The social pattern is set up by man; it is not independent of man, though it has a life of its own, and man is not independent of it; they are interrelated. Change within the pattern is no change at all; it is mere modification, reformation. Only by breaking away from the social pattern without building another can you 'help' society. As long as you belong to society, you are only helping it to deteriorate. All societies, including the most marvelously utopian, have within them the seeds of their own corruption. To change society, you must break away from it." -- Krishnamurti.

    Time to wake up. Amen, brother.