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Saturday, January 26, 2013


The Earth and her people have entered into a new paradigm. Some call this the fourth dimension or density. I prefer the term density because dimension could be confused with the three dimensions of space and the fourth dimension of time, and this is not what I'm referring to. I am speaking of a shift in wavelength frequency.

I felt this shift on the solstice. It's been coming for some time, but where for centuries we've been dominated by a masculine consciousness we are now predominantly feminine in consciousness. So prepare yourself as she brings this change into the static levels of reality, where people think no shift has yet occurred.

We are about to experience some turbulence as she shakes off the old ways. The Earth's magnetic grid is moving toward zero, and if that happens the solar flares which have been increasing will no longer be deflected or dissipated  This could cause all computers and any other form of electronic file saving including CDs, DVDs or memory sticks to be wiped clean.
It could also be the catalyst for massive Earth changes. The Earth has an outer crust a couple kilometres thick. Underneath is a secondary crust about thirty or forty kilometres thick. Once the the Earth's magnetic field gets to zero that secondary crust can become molten. This would cause the outer crust to destabilise. Fortunately many people have activated their own personal magnetic grids and would be able to hold the Earth's memory as she moved through this time.

Verily the only way of moving through this process is into the fourth density. Make no mistake we have already ascended. It's just that while some have or will naturally ascend or be resurrected some will have to die and physically be reborn in order to get to this experience. For whatever reason these people refuse to believe we have made this shift, but rest assured the dark forces that used to be controlling this world have all now been illuminated and are contained within the light.

Some claim these massive Earth changes will start happening in February, but as we have now moved into a feminine consciousness nothing has to follow a specific timeline nor adhere to any mathematical reason or logic. It's not that we don't believe in reason or logic--we most certainly do, perhaps more than many--we just aren't bound to them. In time all will be revealed. As for we who are here now there is nothing left but to continue our co-creation with God on Earth.

We are all One.

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