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Monday, March 11, 2013


First of all I'm not writing here to attack science. I just don't like it being imposed on me as to where I am supposed to get my morals, meaning and direction for life. We used to have to go to church. Now we have to go to school, and for many people school is absolutely essential, much the way church used to be. Then they use their school indoctrination to explain the need for school the way a churchgoer would use their church indoctrination to explain the need for the Church.

Many rational thinkers today would never let the Church define God or reality for them, if they even have a concept of God or reality, and yet daily they take the word of science as truth. Certainly they argue these truths are temporary and open for revision as nothing is absolute, but nevertheless this ideology is the truth or as close as we can get to it for the time being. It's a model they say that works as we grow.

Of course the average individual is not discovering these truths for him or herself. For them defining reality must be left to experts who have been educated by jumping through hoops guaranteed to have them grounded in reason. Even interpreting the Bible for themselves as a means or tool for reality definition is unacceptable since for them it is riddled with inconsistency and is not based in science. Actually getting first hand knowledge from spirit guides through meditation is also not acceptable because this anecdotal information is non-scientific.

These folks are using an ideology that refuses to look at a large portion of reality. They are holding themselves inside a narrow world-view that will never allow them to grasp the mystical spheres of life, which could be argued as the greater portion of life. They call them un-knowable, which often negates faith. They have placed themselves inside a self-imposed prison that insists on trying to explain by collective scientific reason or logic that which can only be known personally by the individual heart.

Plus this model of reality that ostensibly works for the time being isn't really working. One in two men in North America will be diagnosed with cancer. Billions of people are starving in undeveloped countries unable to take responsibility for their hunger because of politics. And while scientists argue over climate change more people are dying. This model of reality has us in complete disharmony with ourselves and our world where war and conflict are rampant, and nature has become a force to be conquered.

This entirely rational and scientific ideology also leads us to believe this has all just unfolded naturally. It's just the way it is. Evolution they call it. Disharmony is apparently our natural state. My intuition and personal investigation say we have been manipulated into being this way, but this is discredited as conspiracy. Never mind that I have been abducted by aliens or have spirit guides, everything outside of this physical world is denied or labelled as some type of psychosis.

We need to get back to the Source, each for ourselves. We need to connect individually with our food supply. We need to get back to family networks and smaller communities united through prayer and meditation. We need gratitude and humility.

Any religion or ideology, be it Christianity or Scientism, can be a wonderful way to further build community and to grow spiritually, but to have any one of them thrust upon us is unfair to say the least. To have the homogeneity of only one perspective merely takes us back to the dark ages. So simply replacing Christianity with Scientism is an unacceptable and backwards proposition that cannot accomplish anything but more servitude. Our awakening humanity will not have it.

Personally I choose faith and my spirit guides and my awakening heart. I choose my family and friends, love and life. I choose courage and righteousness, living wildly and lovingly, making mistakes and amending them rather than living in the safety and servitude of conformity. For me life is to be lived not explained. Besides even if Scientism can explain the entire mechanics of life right down to the atom and beyond in either direction it's still an awe-inspiring and undefinable miracle.

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