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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Freedom & Independence

There is no such thing as freedom in civilisation, nor should there be any desire for independence. We are interdependent social creatures; freedom is merely an idea or ideal created for us, and it is a fantasy. We can either live in acceptance of the reality that we need each other, or we can live in the fairy tale of independence and freedom at our own peril.

Freedom and independence are lies that have been sold to us to ensure our disconnection and separation from each other. Social Darwinism is part of that lie. We are not meant to nor do we want to compete with each other. We grow by working together. Healthy competition is a lie and keeps us apart. We grow by working together.

Those who strive for freedom are slaves. I have admitted there is no freedom, and yet as Big Brother enslaves humanity, dangling the carrot of freedom I am not interested in, I am free. Those who strive for the carrot are slaves. Freedom cannot be granted to me nor can it be taken away by anyone, for I am in fact Freedom. Even should I be retained behind bars: I am free.

I am freedom, and yet it does not exist. This is a paradox the intellect cannot grasp. Yet as I live in and accept this paradox I am soaring with all others who also recognise and humbly revere this freeing truth.

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