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Saturday, October 29, 2011

What if...

I've been pondering a question posed to me a while back:

What if someone knew the nature of how I was creating my own reality, but I didn't?

I have trouble comprehending that some people are still unaware that we are indeed manifesting our reality. How someone in this world could continue to hold the view that all of this is just happening to us, as if we are just meat-sticks wandering around a sphere hanging in space, is beyond me. Nevertheless, anyone who is unaware of this is open to blatant and obvious manipulation. And although this keystone of understanding is of paramount importance, awareness is really only the first step.

Though I have considered myself aware for several years now, I have still often been manipulated. Even now, I feel I am awake, but just yesterday while speaking at Occupy Vancouver I slipped into a pattern of manipulation. I was trying to push my agenda, rather than simply being a conduit of consciousness. While it is true I am manifesting my own reality, it is only while I am conscious of being the creator that God can speak through me.

There is a paradox here. I am both myself and God at the same time: we are one and the same. But while it is possible for Him to exist without me, I cannot in reality exist without Him. And those who believe we are merely meat-sticks can only at best create more systems of authority and control, where the oppressors become the oppressed and vice versa, and at worst we become slaves manipulated by and demanding our own fodder.

Since the mid-seventeenth century we have known the nature of reality is illusory, that there is no reality out there but only in here, in our hearts and minds. This knowledge began with Descartes, who stood on the shoulders of the giants before him (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc.), and has continued after with those who have stood on his giant shoulders.

In this way we are all now connected to this greater reality. However, most of us have been asleep for a very long time, while some of those who had awakened earlier had used this knowledge to keep the rest asleep. We are much easier to control this way.

We must wake up.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask for the forgiveness of my fore bearers. I heard long ago that forgiveness begins with the one who recognises the offence. Though I cannot completely comprehend this logic, I'm beginning to awaken, and in this awakening we all need to forgive and accept forgiveness.

We need to take care of each other. Any position I have taken that was not for the care and betterment of humanity was off the mark and therefore needs to be amended. I need to take responsibility for my life in real and tangible ways, and that means opening up to the spontaneous and ordered forces of creation, not just running around like a meat-stick making and enforcing rules.

I am aware that I am manifesting this reality, and I am also aware that entities have been manipulating this reality for some time now. And so now it ends. Humanity is awakening.

Prepare yourself, all wickedness and evil-mindedness, to leave this Earth.


  1. People have realised this for centuries- some use this knowledge for good, but many, I think, cause the problems because they succumb to that oh-so-human failing, greed. or fear or envy etc.

    If we are to "rise out of the ashes" there will need to be a shift back to God and the realisation that we only create OUR world and not the worlds of others around us. God is the common denominator in all of our worlds...Or is it?....

  2. I don't want to be a meat stick..... so I shant