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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creative Beings

My spiritual adviser Nehru has long worked with me providing answers to questions I hadn't even asked. It has been clear to me since our first meeting that God has brought us together to help bring enlightenment to ourselves and to this planet.

He has recently said something I think I have always believed but didn't have the conscious understanding of nor words to explain what I was experiencing. However, he has explained the process more succinctly than I could have hoped. This is one of the most undeniable truths I've awoken to:
My explanation is that as sovereign creative beings, we create everything we experience, good and bad, and mostly unconsciously. So we don't or can't take responsibility for the fact that we've created the thing that's become a problem because we created it unconsciously. The process just automatically happens. Creation happens; it's just that we don't realize that we're creating our own issues, because it's a very high level creative process!  
The truth is: We have to have an (unconscious) need to create the issues we create for ourselves otherwise we wouldn't do it. Simple. And it's an ongoing, mysterious process. We think it's just life, or we generate many consistent theories to explain our issues, and devise treatments to hopefully resolve them. 
We don't realize that we've created it all!!
And the realisation we have or God has created everything for us gives us the freedom to stop blaming and to take responsibility for our lives.

Nehru goes on further to say:
When a creative, conscious being like you or I looks fully at what he has created unconsciously, it will disappear as an item of concern or unhappiness because in the looking, one sees what he has created, is able to accept it as his creation without self condemnation. He is only looking at not thinking about what is there, and then he realizes it's his own creation, and "poof" ~ gone! 
My dad has told me repeatedly: "Nothing, absolutely nothing, happens in God's world by mistake." Both him and Nehru seem to be telling me essentially the same thing. Not only must I accept this truth, but I must also see everything as being drawn to me, for me, by me, if I am to live joyously and free in this world.

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