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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a Half-Gramme Holiday (or Not)

Okay come on people let's admit the truth here. Human beings are incapable of raising their own children. All babies should be delivered by Caesarean and immediately given to the State. Better still as fast as we can we should be developing technology where babies can be born directly from a petri dish into an incubator, thus avoiding pregnancy all together. Too much can go wrong.

We've already ceded everything else to the State: the safety of our food and water supplies, our energy needs, protection from terrorism, the meaning we derive from life. We ought to just give them our children directly, and stop pretending it's not already happening. Then we could get to the real business of living life: video games. They're just like real life.

Or we could start taking responsibility for our lives and our perceptions.

If a bunch of people got on a plane to go on vacation and they all said they had no idea where they were going and that furthermore it was not even possible for them to find out where they were going, you'd say they were daft. Yet here we are all together on this planet, not taking responsibility for where we're going, instead leaving it to someone else to take care of for us.

I assume since we've paid for our ticket the Pilot will take us anywhere we want to go. Presumably we would've had an idea where we wanted to go before we bought the ticket.

Personally I live in God's world with my wife delivering our children in our home where we grow and eat our own food. We've stopped playing the video game, and we're taking responsibility for our lives and where we want to go, one day at a time.