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Friday, July 13, 2012


I've been hearing and reading a lot about resistance in the alternative media these days, but do not be deceived. Resistance is war. The global power elite are counting on our continual resistance. It's gasoline for their fire.

You've heard the cheesy cliché: what you resist persists. It's true. As a co-creator of this world, when I see troubles in it, which are glaring and cannot be missed except by the wilfully ignorant, I must ask myself where these problems are unaddressed in my own being that I am helping to manifest them into the world. Every problem I have, be it personal, family or global, is my access to the divine. So why would I resist it? Only to stay independent, to stay separated, to avoid the truth: we are all one.

I don't wish to digress too far, but independence is a lie that's been sold to us. The point is any time I resist something out there I am missing access to my own truth that will set me free and bring me closer to God. Once I admit my anger or resentment of what I'm perceiving and accept it as part of my own being, God then puts people and situations in my path to help. There is no independence in this. There is a cycle through myself, God and others: a trinity if you will.

Do not resist. Anyone telling you to do so is adding to the problem. However, do not throw the baby out with the bath water. There is much good information out there. It's just that once it gets into resistance it's gotten off track. Leave resistance for the warmongers.

Through non-resistance God will lead us to actions. We will have fun, and this life will open to us like a flower. We will stop fighting, and we will put our drives into creations of immense beauty and strength.

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