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Saturday, July 7, 2012


When systems stop serving people and we become servants to the systems it becomes the responsibility of free people to stand up for what is right. Currently we are in this type of systemic problem, and as a free being it is my responsibility to take a stand and say, enough.

Not only is the world a living hell for most, we are enslaving ourselves in the process. Surely we must realise this life is not just happening to us. We are cause in our lives, not subjects, and we have been manipulated to create this. We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by our systems.

When an organic farmer gets sued for patent infringement because Monsanto's terminator seeds have blown onto his farm and infected his crop there is a problem. It should be the other way around: the farmer should be suing Monsanto. But because of our current system the farmer doesn't stand a chance against Monsanto's lawyers and their millions of dollars even though Monstanto really doesn't have a legal or moral leg to stand on.

This is not the only case where this kind of thing is happening. Our monetary, political and health care systems are also enslaving us in the same way. And we are not only being enslaved by our systems. These systems much like a cancer are destroying our humanity. We must of our own free will let go of these systems of control and choose to reconnect with the land and our food supply. This is the solution: connecting to a real and tangible reality.

Have our systems made the world a better place to live? It is not better for most. And even if the whole world could have our systemic way of living it still wouldn't be better because the systems have caused us to disconnect from reality. We have become more connected to intangible systems like the economy than the tangible world, and these systems are killing us.

It is time to say, enough. Getting back to the land may not seem like the most appealing thing to do, but that's because of the complacency inherent in the system. People like their high standard of living, and a simpler, more comfortable lifestyle is always around the corner. But for all the ostensibly time saving and comforting systems we have, we do not have more free time nor are we more comfortable or connected. We are more isolated and alone. We work hard as slaves for elite tyrants and an ideology we aren't benefiting from. Most people have scarce time for their families or communities. Working the land may be hard, but at least we can do it together, surrounded by loving family and communities truly in reality.

Currently we live in a type of caste system. People starving in Third World countries don't work less hard than I do. They work harder, and yet I have more wealth. I'm not living more extravagantly than a king from the middle-ages because I work hard. I live this way because I was born in Canada, because this is the way the system is designed.

We can not continue to live like kings nor should we want to. We are being sold an ideology to ensure our servitude, and ideas such as lessening the world's population to continue this insane ideology are furthering our disconnection. The idea that some human beings have more worth or authority than others is simply more insanity. The poor and the starving do not have less worth than anyone else. Again I say, enough. I choose a simpler life, now. I choose to live in the solution not the system.


  1. Well said! Thanks for taking this stand, Jamie. Very encouraging, and your choice is one of the only two real choices before us, reminds me of this song by Dylan: