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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beyond the Mind

I've been to a place in meditation that is beyond my mind. I cannot intellectually comprehend these things beyond space and time. I go to places (I call them places because I'm not sure what other word to use) places that if I try to comprehend them with my mind they disappear.

They are beyond my mind. So in trying to comprehend them I am brought back from these outer limits. But when I let go of my mind I go to these places, and I receive information that comes from a place beyond this Earth. The information is not from this world.

We are all One. We are beings of light--a single being/beam/photon of light--who have created this physical plane. And it is truly a gift, all the pain, the misery, the war, strife and conflict. It is beyond miraculous, and I love it. I love us. We are One. I love this experience.

The mind cannot comprehend this. The mind is baffled by calling war, misery or pain miraculous. Our society is controlled by the mind and is trying desperately to stop the miracle, which is an impossible task and only serves to bring more misery and suffering, more of the miracle. The mind cannot comprehend this.

We must put the mind in its proper place: secondary to the emotional heart.

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