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Sunday, July 21, 2013

It is Always Coming

It is always coming.
We are in Revelation.
Like a wave
It is always coming.
This life is animated
By the wave, and
We are surfing.

It is always coming.
When it stops coming
We will rest on the beach
In tranquil waters.

Those, who feel we
Are on the cusp,
Have arrived.
We are the surfers.
There is no need
To move ahead.
Trust, and the wave
Will take us where
We need to go.
If we get too far
Ahead of the wave
Then we are no longer
On the crest, and
The wave will consume us.

Live a life of faith
In this moment
Of uncertainty
With an inner knowing
Of our heavenly father's
And our divine mother's
Care and love for us.
There is nothing for us to do
But ride the wave,
And faith keeps us on the crest.

We shall be delivered safely
To the shore in love.

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