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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Three Levels of Evil

Three levels of evil have been brought to my attention:

1. Personal - evil we carry out at a personal level
2. Systemic - evil perpetuated through systems
3. The Devil - evil disguised as goodness to correct the first two

First of all I believe evil is a man-made creation. We have fabricated the Devil. We have mixed our God-given goodness in ways that have created disharmony. We have built up incredibly complex systems around that disharmony, and the Devil has stepped in to ostensibly restore order.

It seems to me the original perception of the duality of good and evil, the perception of separation, is the primary creator of evil. The perception of separation is itself evil, and it is a projection. It doesn't actually exist. Without that perception and projection everything would simply be as it is.

I further believe the three levels of evil exist within my own personal being. So to get to the source of the problem I need to truly take responsibility for my being and for my projections. So what happens when I take an honest look inside?

I see I often disguise myself as a good person taking care of the evil of the world, and in so doing I am projecting my perception of evil onto the world. It appears it is I who am the creator of evil in this world. So it seems only I can restore goodness to the world as there is nothing outside of me other than my own projection. And this projection is what gives my empty ego substance.

Verily I say there is no separation. We are all One.

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