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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reality & Ferraris

Our reality has been hi-jacked. Believe it! What most people perceive as reality is really an illusion. Personally I am living reality from a fifth dimensional perspective, and while that's not reality in its entirety, it's broader than the limitation of reality being merely physical.

Some folks then ask, if I'm living from the fifth dimension then why don't I manifest a Ferrari? And the short answer is I don't want one, at least not one that's going to cost me the abundance I'm already living.

I've already in the past manifested a reality where I had more money than I could spend, and it was hell. I know there's no way I can convince anyone of this, but I personally will no longer be reduced to others' hellish and small ideas of success or existence.

Besides, most people's ideas of monetary success aren't even their own ideas and are not even based in reality because they have never had the wherewithal to actually manifest the money for themselves and realise that hell personally. So they continue believing the now global lie that money will make life easier.

In fairness money may make life easier, but that's all part of the lure of the lie. I've seen poverty in India that would curl your toes. I also saw a richness of spirit and connection to family I will never know in this lifetime. It is only those affected by this globalised lie who are projecting their poverty of the spirit, who know only material possessions as wealth, who are calling those Indians poor.

My life today is so rich and abundant I can hardly contain myself at times. I wouldn't give up what I have right now for all the Ferraris in the world. I have manifested a beautiful and loving wife who is the only one for me. There is no other. We have two beautiful and awakened children. My life is in perpetual synchronicity, and my dreams are literally manifesting into this physical reality.

Living life from the fifth dimension means I am no longer a victim of this world. I am cause in my life. As Jesus said I am in this world but not of it. Money cannot buy any of this. It also cannot buy the fulfilling work I do in our community nor can it produce the large garden in our backyard that not only nourishes our bodies but also our spirits.

This food issue is so important because the pesticide poisoned food being trucked into the supermarket is a large part of the reality hi-jacking, in addition to the sham of our education system and corporate controlled governments, vaccinations and corrupted media including our so called free social media, etc. Healthy food is medicine that leads to healthier choices and helps us open to a more abundant and responsible reality.

Why continue suckling on society's dried up teet when there's a full banquet already laid out and waiting for you? Wake up! Get creative. Open your emotional heart. Be spontaneous. Own your mistakes. Enjoy life's richness. Live a life of service and gratitude. Do what you love! And not only will you have no regrets but you'll be rocketed to dimensions of existence beyond your current imagination. Believe it!

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