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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Spiritual Journey

Some folks have commented on the apparent negativity of some of my posts, but I would like to add some further illumination on this. There are three traditional stages for the spiritual journey: purgation, illumination and union. What I have been doing is purging and illuminating the evil in the world as reflected by myself. We cannot get to union, which I believe to be the ultimate goal, without purgation and illumination first.

So to all those who wish to live happy-go-lucky lives without first purging and illuminating the hell we experience daily, well you know where to go. To those who are purging and illuminating and are heading towards union, awesome! I will continue to purge and illuminate as I move toward union. I am joining with the divine. Nothing can stop this now. Of course nothing is something, and so I must continue to have faith. The gifts I receive daily are a reflection of this faith; so too is the pain and suffering.

My eyes are open. Through my daily struggles I am granted the hope and strength to continue. When I take a step back and look I see the beauty God has granted me. My life on the whole is incredible. I would not trade the current abundance I have for all the money in the world. Though to some I live a materially impoverished life, I am on the spiritual journey.

I give thanks to my mother and father for the spiritual gifts they have given me: love, courage, acceptance and much more. I am grateful for my wife and children, who are gifts in my life. I have moved into a life of pure love and light. I have moved beyond the denseness of this physical world. I am in the world but not of it. I exist in this physical world as a manifestation and reflection of my highest self.

I no longer have the need to convince anyone of anything, though I am here as a reminder, as a guide. As I have been led, so shall I lead. My emotional heart is open. I see also with my third eye. My Merkaba is active, and I am no longer bound to this simple third dimensional reality. I travel freely anywhere in space or time. I know myself and where I come from. I am connected to Source.

This could of course all end in an instant, but I am committed to change and growth as necessitated by the highest good. I am, as they say in the poker world, all in. The only evil in the world is division of self, and I will continue to purge and illuminate as I move toward Union.

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  1. Amen, brother. I am blessed to witness your journey and can attest to the fact that you are truly doing what you say you are doing. I continue to be inspired by your example (dark, light and all hues in between).