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Friday, July 4, 2014

Perception of Violence

I must take responsibility for the violence I have caused. And I have created all violence I perceive. So I'm not just talking about my own personal violence but about violence I am witnessing. When I see violence erupting between two people, I am the creator of that violence. And I heal it by healing the part of myself that created it in the first place.

This is a revolutionary concept: it is I who need the healing, not those within the perception of violence. And it is a concept the empty ego wants no part of. It is my ego, my personality, that perceives, projects and creates the separation, the violence. Believe it! I need to take responsibility for my perception, my projection, my creation.

If we are all One then there is no separation between us or between the violence I cause and the violence I perceive. Once I take responsibility for this I can assume my genuine responsibility as a co-creator of Heaven on Earth. This is an ongoing process and an often painful one, but it is a process that gets more and more beautiful every day.

The suffering becomes enjoyable because I come to recognise I am the cause of the suffering. It is not being put on me by some outside force. When I let go of blame I can become present to the truth. I am the cause, and this conscious suffering brings me ever closer to Source.

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