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Friday, July 4, 2014

No One Knows

Nobody knows what's going on in this life. Nobody. We may have many answers, which may satisfy us some of the time. But in our hearts we really don't know. No one knows.

And, really, the key to realise here is not only does no one know but no one has control. Governments think they are in control, and some people believe that. Corporations think they're in control, and some people believe that. The bankers think they're in control, and most people believe that, especially the naive conspiracy theorist. And it's all bullshit (def'n: nonsense, lies or exaggeration). The reality is we each need to recognise our powerlessness and our absolute inability to change the world or the people in it. That is the truth, especially for those who believe they have control or power.

There is so much bullshit in the world. Not in a thousand lifetimes could I or anyone else eliminate it. It is literally a hopeless situation; however, recognising the hopelessness can allow true power and hope to enter. There is a power who can deal with the bullshit, whose job it is to deal with, not mine. And that can happen in this single lifetime.

While no one truly knows, the way I see it my only job is to love the world the way God loves the world. It's a worldview that works. And while that is practically an impossible task, it's not as impossible as trying to eliminate the all the bullshit.

I think loving the world as God loves the world is the point of John 3:16.  In the past I've gotten too hung up on the idea that God gave his only begotten Son and that I needed to believe this to be given everlasting life. And while this may be true I now believe the heart of that verse is for God so loved the world.

Many people claim an enormous love for God but then have a huge hate on for the world, and I know because I've been one of them. I've been hateful toward the world, and no one was going to tell me any different. But I've been given the dignity and the space to process that. So the least I can do is create a space of love for others to walk through their processes, even if they don't match or agree with mine, even if they're in line with corporations or governments or bankers.

As with much in the Bible or anything else for that matter we must first unlock the words using the spiritual key, so to speak. Patience, empathy, forgiveness and love must become my guiding precepts. To me these are the keys that unlock the truth.

But who knows?

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