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Friday, November 7, 2014

Two-Bits on Society, Biology & Private Property

Nothing can be owned, and everything is free. That's reality. I would have to go unconscious to believe in ownership. Verily the only form of ownership there could every be is use, and by virtue of use I suppose some form of ownership is implied. But explicit ownership requires private property laws, which again require unconsciousness, a surrender of reality to a facade or fiction.

Furthermore, the idea of land ownership is preposterous. Land cannot belong to humans; humans can only belong to the land. This is simple logic: the land can exist without us; we cannot exist without the land.

It's the same as this absurd idea that the brain can sometimes run the show. Impossible. The heart has always and will always run the show. We have always done our hearts desire. Whether it was painful or seemingly wrong, it was to the benefit of our soul and part of our growing lesson; and our heart always knows. This again is simple logic: the heart can exist without the brain, but the brain cannot exist without the heart.

When the sperm meets the egg and divides the cell in two, it then splits to four then eight all the way to 512. At which point the zygote is complete. The very first thing to form after that is the heart. All other parts of the body require the heart as a regulator. The heart quite literally runs everything and always has. It cannot be any other way. The heart is the body's regulator.

The next point to consider is the heart does not pump blood. As I've said it's a regulator. The pumping action comes from the capillaries. Doctors have never been able to figure out how this fragile organ in our chest is able to pump blood 24 hours a day 365 days a year and never tires. Not to mention apparently it's pumping the blood from my toes back up to itself. Again, preposterous. The exchange that happens at the capillaries, where the blood feeds the cells, creates a slight vacuum pumping action that is practically imperceptible. But there are literally billions of capillaries in the body (apparently enough to fill four football fields), and billions of not-very-much can become quite something. It becomes the pump. The heart then regulates. Ask your doctor to refute this. He won't be able to.

Unfortunately, the real predicament is the worldview that is created by a society who believes the heart is a pump. Recently an army general was shown talking to his troops and comparing the army to the circulatory system of the body, stating there is a central command, and all the soldiers must obey the central command or the system fails to function. However, the reality is central command should be listening to the soldiers or the system fails to function, which is what is actually happening, globally.

A society that believes the heart is a pump must believe in central command, a single currency, one religion, a world government, a centralised farm commission and one company to make everyone's shoes. Look at the direction we're headed. It's time to wake up! The American Medical Association has been hi-jacked. I'm not a doctor, and I can do this much research in my spare time. In fact with a doctor's schooling there's no time to research outside the box, and the debt they carry requires them to work substantially for money, at least to some degree, once they leave school.

A society the realises the heart is a regulator has small self-governing communities with multiple currencies, millions of farmers providing for their families and neighbours, many religions and billions of artisans making unique shoes and computers and anything else we can think of with soul enhancing skills learned over time.

How's that for two-bits?

I'd like to give thanks to Dr Thomas Cowan and his Fourfold Path to Healing. Here are some fantastic resources from his website, which must also give props to Sally Fallon and her Nourishing Traditions.

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